Accommodation of advertising

A set of advertising media of various formats allows you to present your ads to the target audience.

Contact phone number: +74952581212


Opening hours: from 8:00 to 21:00 (weekdays), from 9:00 to 21:00 (weekends)

Video ads on monitors:

Elevator halls of office buildings. The monitors are located in the Elevator halls of WTC office buildings in entrances 3, 6, 7, and 9.

Video wall. A video wall is a single large monitor made up of 4 or 9 standard monitors. Video walls are located in the most passable areas of the WTC – on the first floors of office buildings, in the passages between the WTC buildings.

Public area. Special attention is drawn to monitors located near food facilities, in the transitions between the WTC buildings, as well as in other good places.

Advertising images on navigation kiosks

Information and reference kiosks, which are located in places where visitors pass through the WTC contain changeable static advertising images and a map of the WTC. The map is used to search for shops, restaurants, and other places on the territory of the WTC.

Placement of advertising flyers in elevators

Vertical A4 advertising posters can be placed in the elevators of entrances and Parking lots. Plexiglass poster pockets are located in most office building elevators, as well as in elevators leading from the Parking lot to the offices.

Placement of advertising materials at reception desks

Various types of advertising materials can be placed at the WTC reception desks: flyers, business cards, brochures, and rack installation.

Placement of advertising posters in magnetic frames and light boxes

Currently, in the most passable points of the WTC, places are allocated for placing posters in A1 and A0 formats in light boxes and in magnetic frames. The corresponding structures are installed on the Mall near the supermarket, near the transition to the Office building-2 and in the Smoking areas near the entrances.

Conducting promotions

WTC provides an opportunity to hold advertising events on its territory, during which the client's promoters can distribute leaflets, put up promo stands and banners, and hold non-standard events. Promotions are held on the Mall, as well as on the first floors of office buildings.

Installation of stands for displaying advertising materials

In the entrance halls and Elevator halls of the first floor of office buildings, it is possible to place racks for the layout of catalogs and other advertising materials.

The installation of new advertising media

It is possible to install new, non-standard advertising structures in the WTC building: billboards, slide boxes, shop-windows, models of residential complexes and cars.