RFR Grill

The main restaurant at the World Trade Center Moscow. Premium meat and fish steaks cooked on lava rocks.

Healthy grilled cuisine
Working hours
12:00 - 23:00
Entrance 1
+7 495 258-16-72

Guests are invited to select from an À la carte menu featuring the collection of chilled premium meat and fish steaks, seafood, signature burgers, unique seasonal garnishes and own house-made all-natural sauces. Almost every dish contains products or ingredients, cooked on the lava grill, which is a highlight in the restaurant’s open kitchen. 

By cooking on hot lava rocks, all dishes get the pleasant smoky flavor and save the purity of taste as well as health benefits of using no oil or fats. The lava grill technology will be appreciated especially by those who care about their health and prefer to combine the benefits of healthy feed with an aesthetic pleasure. 

The kitchen at RFR GRILL is headed by talented Executive chef Mikhail Kuznetsov and creative Chef Maxim Saveliev. The open kitchen provides with the great opportunity to watch chef’s cooking secrets and enjoy the aromas, sounds and activity of the skilled kitchen staff.