Urban café with flourishing summer terrace in the office jungle
Modern, easy-to-understand cuisine for residents of a big city
Working hours
9:00-22:00 daily
Entrance 1, Atrium of Plaza Garden Moscow WTC, floor 1
+7 (495) 258-13-11

A modern cafe in the center of a big city.

The dynamic gastronomic space in the lively Atrium of the Plaza Garden Moscow WTC Hotel is suitable for business breakfasts and lunches, friendly meetings and evening relaxation with a delicious dinner. The summer terrace is open during the warm season.

The concept of Plaza Garden is based on clear cuisine, author's presentation and unexpected combinations. Here you will find seasonal products on the menu and memorable tastes. An interesting selection of varietal wines, each of which can be tasted by ordering a glass. Also city breakfasts in the all day format.

Panasian menu