Залы-трансформеры Амур, Енисей и Волга для мероприятий в центре Москвы

180 мест | 168 м² каждый зал

Отлично подходит для:

  • конференций и семинаров;
  • воркшопов и тренингов;
  • презентаций и мастер-классов;
  • организации онлайн-студии.
210 seats
+7 (495) 258-12-98

The connected halls are located in a separate conference zone and may be used for conferences, workshops or trainings. The halls can accommodate up to 300 people using a theater seating chart. Meanwhile, the lobby, which is adjacent to the halls, may be used for registration of the participants of the event or for coffee breaks.

The scheme of the hall